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I'm Henric

, a Swedish compositor and VFX artist currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Right now I’m working for Zoic Studios as a LookDev TD and Compositor in their episodic department. I am also a photographer, designer and motion graphic artist. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to email me!

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Zoic Studios: LookDev TD
Establishing the look of a shot or sequence based on concept art and client input.
  Working closely with the 3D & Lighting Department to decide on proper methodology and render passes needed to acheive the desired look.
  Setting up and distributing modular comp scripts for compositors that are easy to use and understand; and to help with shot continuity.
2015 – present, Vancouver, Canada

Zoic Studios: Compositor
Compositing for episodic television series.
2014 – 2015, Vancouver, Canada

Zoic Studios: Roto & Paint Artist
Doing roto, paint and prep for feature films, commercials and television series.
2013 – 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Videa Film: Post-production Supervisor
In charge of all post-production tasks — including editing, compositing, animation and motion graphics. Also responsible for on-set supervising and art direction.
2010 – 2012, Gävle, Sweden

Ligist Film: Freelance Compositor
Hired as a compositor and worked closely with director to complete and deliver several commercials for the University of Örebro.
2010, Stockholm, Sweden

Brokendoll: Compositor
Responsible for 2D compositing, animation and production assistance for commercials and TV shows.
2009 – 2010, Stockholm, Sweden


Zoic Studios: Internship
2013, Vancouver, Canada

Lost Boys Studios: Diploma in Visual Effects
2012 – 2013, Vancouver, Canada

Brokendoll: Intern
2009, Stockholm, Sweden

University of Gävle: Bachelor of Science in Digital Media
2007 – 2010, Gävle, Sweden


Nuke | NukeX
Keying, rotoscoping, BG prep and paint out, set extension, 2D & 3D tracking, 3D projections, colour correction, basic stereo prep work (with Ocula) and some experience with Python scripting

Polygonal modeling, texturing, shading, animation, lighting, camera projection, multipass– and multilayer rendering, basic MEL scripting

PFTrack | Boujou | Mocha
2D tracking, 3D tracking, object tracking

After Effects
Keying, rotoscoping, 2D & 3D tracking, animation, motion graphics, colour correction

Keying, rotoscoping, 2D tracking, camera stabilization, colour correction

Photo editing/manipulation, digital painting

Some experience using Python, MEL, C++ and Javascript



Tel:+1 604–446–1709
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