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I'm Henric

, a Swedish compositor and VFX artist currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Right now I’m working for Zoic Studios as a compositor in their episodic department for the rest of this season. I am also a photographer, designer and motion graphic artist. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to email me!

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Zoic Studios: Compositor
Compositing for episodic television series.
2014 – present, Vancouver, Canada

Zoic Studios: Roto & Paint Artist
Doing roto, paint and prep for feature films, commercials and television series.
2013 – 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Videa Film: Post-production Supervisor
In charge of all post-production tasks — including editing, compositing, animation and motion graphics. Also responsible for on-set supervising and art direction.
2010 – 2012, Gävle, Sweden

Ligist Film: Freelance Compositor
Hired as a compositor and worked closely with director to complete and deliver several commercials for the University of Örebro.
2010, Stockholm, Sweden

Brokendoll: Compositor
Responsible for 2D compositing, animation and production assistance for commercials and TV shows.
2009 – 2010, Stockholm, Sweden


Zoic Studios: Internship
2013, Vancouver, Canada

Lost Boys Studios: Diploma in Visual Effects
2012 – 2013, Vancouver, Canada

Brokendoll: Intern
2009, Stockholm, Sweden

University of Gävle: Bachelor of Science in Digital Media
2007 – 2010, Gävle, Sweden


Nuke | NukeX
Keying, rotoscoping, BG prep and paint out, set extension, 2D & 3D tracking, 3D projections, colour correction, basic stereo prep work (with Ocula) and some experience with Python scripting

Polygonal modeling, texturing, shading, animation, lighting, camera projection, multipass– and multilayer rendering, basic MEL scripting

PFTrack | Boujou | Mocha
2D tracking, 3D tracking, object tracking

After Effects
Keying, rotoscoping, 2D & 3D tracking, animation, motion graphics, colour correction

Keying, rotoscoping, 2D tracking, camera stabilization, colour correction

Photo editing/manipulation, digital painting

Some experience using Python, MEL, C++ and Javascript



Tel:+1 604–446–1709
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